40-day Fast - 2022


40-Day Fast

First Day of Fast- Tuesday, March 8; Last Day of Fast – Saturday, April 16 – Calendar Attached.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the fast is ALWAYS about devoting time to grow more committed to God.

In alignment with Pastor’s Charge, we will pray for our relationship with one another and God so that we can be stronger.

What are the Fast Options?

Ask God to direct you in choosing the way you can fast during these 40 days. Make sure it is something that would be a sacrifice. Read the scriptures, pray the prayers, listen to hear God’s Voice, commit to grow stronger in your relationship with Him and church members, follow God, and abstain from a particular food or routine. If you are under doctor’s care, please consult your doctor before fasting from any food.

Option 1: Daniel Fast: Eat only vegetables, fruit, and drink water (unsalted peanuts, potatoes are okay). (No meat, no fish,

no juice, no sugar, no dairy products.)

Option 2: Full Fast: No meat, no bread (water, juice, dairy products, and sugar are okay)

Option 3: Partial Fast: Skip one or two meals on a specific day. Do Daniel’s Fast one day or more on multiple days per

week, etc.

Option 4: All-day Food Fast: Abstain from food one day or multiple days per week.

Option 5: Favorite Food/Drink Fast: Don’t eat/drink a particular type of food/snack/drink that you eat/drink all the time.

(For example: no peanuts, potato chips, candy, cake, sweets, hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas, juices, etc. Water is

acceptable and needed.)

Option 6: Favorite Activity: Options could include things like - shopping, watching a favorite daily or weekly program,

looking at and communicating on Facebook, etc.

2022 fast instructions and calendar.pdf