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April 1, 2011

Praise The Lord Family & Friends of Morning Star Baptist Church!

As we move towards securing our new church upon a rock, Morning Star Baptist Church Pledge Campaign Committee is excited to embark upon our new edifice campaign pledge!  Under the theme:




Praise God, now that we are now occupying our new edifice, we are asking for your support.  Please, prayerfully consider your part in faith and respond as your heart is led.  It’s not about how much you give, nor is a gift too small, because every contribution will help us leverage new dollars. Your response will be in gratitude to God for the many and marvelous gifts that he has already bestowed upon you.  

For your convenience, we have placed a Pledge Card that you can copy and paste to a word document, fill it out and mail to the address on the bottom of the card.  There is also a hyper link to our contact page, just fill it out and we’ll give you a call to get a mailing address to send the information, along with addressed envelopes to you.  Once we have received your one time contribution or your first initial payment of your pledge, we will send you a button that reads….


“I Sowed My Seed at Morning Star Baptist Church”


 Thank you again for prayerfully considering your Pledge.
 You may make your check or money order payable to: 

                Morning Star Baptist Church

           Memo:Building Fund Pledge Committee 


 “I HAVE SOWED MY SEED AT Morning Star Baptist Church”

                                                   NAME: _____________________________

                                                   ADDRESS: __________________________

                                                   CITY/STATE/ZIP: ___________________

PHONE: _____________ 

                                         EMAIL: ____________________________

 TOTAL GIFT: $_____   INITIAL PAYMENT $_______ BLANCE DUE $_________

 Signature ___________________________________ Date ______________


                                       Mail to:      Morning Star Baptist Church  
                                                         P. O.  Box 4021
                                                         Petersburg, VA  23803


Pledges are voluntary and not legally binding.



Thank you for your support & May God Bless You!